Evidence Collection - additional information

You may need to collect some more video evidence for your NVQ portfolio with a Deaf professional who is a native BSL user.  


There are two ways of how you could collect evidence:


In person

Arrange a mutually convenient date and location for your filming session.  It could be at your workplace, home or a room that you will hire.  This gives you the flexibility to collect evidence in a natural environment at a time to suit your needs. You will need to bring with you a suitable camera/filming equipment.

  • You will be able to gather 1:1 formal and informal conversation BSL video evidence – two video clips per hour
  • You will be able to gather group formal and information conversation BSL video evidence
  • You will be able to ask for clarification about specific BSL signs or linguistic rules from native BSL users


The costs will depend on these factors:

  • the qualification you are collecting evidence for (e.g. NVQ Level 3)
  • whether you need one person (for 1-1) or two persons (for group evidence)
  • the distance to your location


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If it is not possible to meet in person, you could collect evidence by filming a webcam discussion.  You will need to set up a suitable camera/filming equipment to record our webcam discussion.  If the clip covers the necessary criteria, you are able to include this clip in your portfolio.


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Important issues to consider before attending the evidence collection session

  • Ensure you have completed your assessment plan with your assessor
  • Know what topic needs to be covered
  • Inform us which learning outcomes, assessment criteria and knowledge & understanding elements need to be covered before the evidence collection session
  • Feedback on the video evidence will not be provided as this is your assessor’s responsibility
  • The camera/suitable filming equipment is provided by yourself


Sometimes learners find that they are handing clips in but not meeting the required standard.  Here at absolute we can offer 1-1 tuition.  Read more about 1-1 BSL tuition.



2012-07-23, 11:29
Thankyou Alison for all your help, without you I doubt if I would have got my level one.
2013-05-13, 15:21
I have known Alison since 1991, and she has been a continued source of inspiration to me. Patient, knowledgeable and competent, Alison puts her heart...
Fiona English
2013-05-13, 20:57
I found your method of teaching very beneficial. You were very patient and this made the learning experience very enjoyable.